MUNDANE RELATIONSHIPS - Security, Sex, and Power
Mundane Relationships operate within materialistic pictures of reality. People treat the other as objects rather than human beings, and this eventually creates suffering for them. Most of these relationships are co-dependent to some degree.

People involved in security-base relationships are usually fearful. The relationship is marked by repression and manipulation, sometimes accented by strong religiosity (as opposed to spirituality). Survival issues lurk like reptilian predators in the background, waiting for the right moment to strike. Ironically, insecurity will weave itself throughout the term of the union, keeping the energy levels relatively low. Here, the parties commonly use passive-aggressive tactics to get what they want.

Unions built strictly on sex can be exciting, at least at first, but they often lack depth. This works fine for those who are content to live superficially. However, if either party starts to develop spiritually or psychologically, then he will likely find the relationship unsatisfying and will start looking for another. People here tend to think of themselves as "players," but a more accurate term for them would be "users."

some people use relationships to exercise their ego. Power and control are prominent features at this level. Those who need this kind of experience often seek partners who need security or who desire to be controlled economically, sexually, or socially. A person can use his social status to control a relationship. For example, I know of a very attractive lady who was with a man running for office. She thought he wanted to showcase her. He lost the election and dropped her. She was right.

When two power-driven people form a relationship, their interactions will be animated, but they also will experience a good deal of anger and conflict. Here, what is important is being right and getting your way. And when one of them "wins," which again is all-important, he gets an ego rush. Subtlety is not necessary when asserting this power.